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The wait is over! The release of my much-anticipated book “The Mind Body Spirit  Mentor” is finally here.

Within I discuss, how embracing the knowledge and beliefs from Eastern cultures regarding reincarnation, yoga and meditation, can be of huge benefit to us in our modern lives.

Allow me to enlighten you about the control the systems around us have, using religion and spirituality and to teach you to find the truth that is manipulated and supressed by media and money.

Let me teach you simple proven steps which will change your outlook and life! Embrace consciousness, intution and a deeper understanding of life and soul purpose.

But most importantly addressing the importance of self-love and how giving and receiving love can positively increase the planets vibrations.

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Chapter 1 – Wisdom from the East

– setting the scene for a study of historical connections, including reincarnation, yoga, meditation and Maya.

Chapter 2 – Religion and Spirituality

– comparing and contrasting the reasons for, and the differences between, the systems that control us.

Chapter 3 – What is Truth ?

– how fake news has been with us for centuries and remained unrecognised until recently.

Chapter 4 - The Story of Sophia

– secrecy and suppression of narratives considered threatening to the emerging powerful system of overwhelming control.

Chapter 5 – “May You Live in Interesting Times”

– whether you see it as critical thinking or conspiracy theory, rarely have the times been more interesting.

Chapter 6 – Vibration and Healing

- knowledge that profoundly affects the way we live, but in which we are seldom educated

Chapter 7 – Mind, Body and Spirit in Harmony

– containing detail of chakras, energy principles, the model of awakening and how manifesting operates

Chapter 8 - Media, Money and Control

– how money and selected powerful groups are behind every level of manipulation and suppression

Chapter 9 – Mens Sana in Corpore  Sano

– simple and interconnected health and wellness practices for combating stress and addressing current challenges

Chapter 10 – “All You Need is Love”

– from self-love to unconditional love:  the importance of giving and receiving love and raising the vibration of the planet

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I recognised my attraction to teaching when I was young – whether it was helping classmates with their homework, or explaining awkward mathematical concepts to my brother and his friends! So teacher training looked like the obvious career choice, and after I gained my BSc in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition I duly qualified as a maths & science teacher.Then, I very quickly realised that I had never left school, and I really wanted to work in the “real world”! So, I re-trained and became a Chartered Accountant. And for most of my employed life, that’s how I was known. But I always recognised that finding a balance between work and personal life was critical, and I was even an active member of the Work-Life Balance movement. But in time, I married, changed jobs a few times and because of moving much further away from London, lost contact with the group, the movement and the ethos.

Some years later, when I was maintaining a high-pressure job, my husband was suffering from an unknown illness that had remained undiagnosed for many years, despite worsening and causing much concern and stress for us both. Society can be very judgemental, and we discovered there is little or no sympathy – there's disbelief even - for an illness that hasn’t been named. Between my husband’s failing health and my busy corporate career, personal time was non-existent and I think I was living on autopilot.

Eventually I suffered a freak accident that seemed minor at the time, but which left me with serious back pain which the medics couldn’t cure. I tried out many so-called alternative therapies such as meditation and meetings with spiritual healers to address the pain. It lessened but I feared that I would be on painkillers indefinitely. Then serendipity caused me to cross paths with a gifted healer, whom I visited in her chiropractic offices. After just a few months I became pain free and medication free! I noticed that she was doing more than clicking the bones in my back, we got talking, and these were the beginnings of my passionate interest in energy medicine.  The fact is, my life was way out of balance, and I had been too busy even to notice.

Within a year, my husband had died and I decided to quit the rat-race. I left the corporate life, with few regrets, and went back to teaching - but did so via private tuition. So although I began this new phase by tutoring schoolchildren, one to one, I then moved on to professional speaking and training adults from stage.  After lockdown, this became a mix of coaching and mentoring via zoom.

I have now published three books, have a successful weekly podcast, and spend most of my time coaching and mentoring clients in personal development, in how raising vibrations impacts every sphere of their lives, and in the unlimited potential available to everyone from the spiritual energy surrounding us all. I help my mentees to realise their goals, overcome limiting beliefs and recognise programming that holds them back. When we open our minds to the truth that is out there and are no longer blinded by societal teaching, everything changes.

To contact me, just type Awaken.plus into any browser. You’ll be taken to a menu of useful links.

Anne x

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